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shipping to canada

updated sun 22 jul 07


John Sankey on sat 21 jul 07

"You are smart to notice the UPS shipping problem. I ordered one and was
shocked at the cost of the brokerage fees ($35 alone ) and duty ( I was
prepared for GST) that got tacked on, none of which was covered by the
already paid "shipping to Canada" fee charged by the company."

FedEx and other couriers also make this exhorbitant brokerage charge.
Insist that the US supplier mail it by USPS, then the only additional
charge is $5 COD to Canada Post for the collection of GST+PST.
If the value is small enough, customs doesn't bother to collect them,
then the $5 is skipped too. Duty is payable only on items manufactured
outside the USA and Mexico due to our free trade agreements.

Also, note that many US suppliers who don't regularly use USPS aren't
aware of the really cheap way of sending small items: USPS flat rate
envelopes. $5 is the cheapest I believe - all book sellers in the US
seem to know about them, but I have yet to find a pottery supplier
who does. Tell them!

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