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my first sculpture

updated thu 19 jul 07


Overall's on tue 17 jul 07

Since taking Vince Pitelka's handbuilding workshop when he was in Houston October 2006, I got hooked on handbuilding. I couldn't make a coiled pot to save my life those first two workshop days, but I was determined to keep at it. For more than two decades I was a confirmed thrower only. Not any more! I'm a convert.

Check out my first figurative bust sculpture.

He's been through several 'adjustments' this past week. It helped wrapping him up to keep him workable, loading digital images into the computer to study them from a distance, and then redoing a lot of his features.

Just hoping he survives the firings. If he makes it through the bisque, I'll apply oxides on him.

Does everyone think cone ten safe enough for sculptural or should lower temp cone 6 or 7 be better (stoneware clay)?

Kim Overall