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yellow glossy glaze cone 9/10 reduction... -reply-

updated mon 30 jun 97


"Rafael Molina-Rodriguez (Rafael Molina-Rodriguez)" on thu 19 jun 97

Ron :

Your expertise in the area of clay and glaze is quite apparent in the
messages you submit to Clayart, your homepage, and published articles.
IMHO, you make a significant contribution to our field. If you say Ms.
Peterson does not know what she's talking about I'll take your word for it.

It's just amazing to me that someone with such a distinguished teaching
career, Hunter College the City University of New York, and the author of
"Lucy Lewis American Indian Potter", "Pottery by American Indian Women",
"Shoji Hamada A Potters Way and Work", "The Living Tradition of Maria
Martinez", "Maria Martinez Five Generations of Potters", and "The Craft and
Art of Clay" can be so misinformed.

Could this mean that other authors from an earlier era like Chappelle,
Rhodes, Olsen, et al might also be misinformed? I mention Olsen because
Lou, in his book "The Art of Firing", really questions some of his tenets in
"The Kiln Book."


>>> Ron Roy 06/04/97 08:15am >>>
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> Susan Peterson in her book the Craft and Art of Clay." states :

> Raw lead compunds such as lead oxide, white
> lead, and galena are soluble and possibly poisonous (if ingested)
> until fired above 2000 F. The process of fitting complex lead-bearing
> compositions, or simple frits lead mono- and bisilicate, renders the
> poisonous ingrediants insoluble and non-poisonous."

>Any thoughts from the group about Peterson's ideas about lead?

Hi Rafael,

It's not often possible in this business to comment without some sort of
qualification. In this case it's plain to see - she does not know what she
is talking about.

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