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new orleans clay conference in 2008

updated sun 15 jul 07


Alex Williams on sat 14 jul 07

As a potter/gallery owner in New Orleans I wanted yall to know=20
that there is still going to be a conference in New Orleans in 2008. A=20
small group of artists, gallery owners and proffessors (calling=20
themselves the South Coast Clay All-stars) have banded together to=20
schedule NOLA Fired Up!!! A Weekend of Clay in New Orleans. It will be=20
held the weekend of February 28th through March 2, 2008.

Conference activities include lectures and demonstrations by=20
prominent local, national and international ceramic artists and art=20
historians.=C2=A0 Also included in the weekend-long event are ceramic art=20
demonstrations that engage and entertain the public while providing=20
continuing education opportunities for professional artists and=20

=C2=A0 City-wide exhibitions will be held in conjunction with privately=20
owned and non-profit galleries as well as with local universities.=C2=A0=20
Opportunities for program attendees from across the nation to=20
participate in ceramic art "voluntourism" are being encouraged at this=20
time.=C2=A0 Interested persons, galleries and cultural institutions are=20
encouraged to contact SCCA at the e-mail addresses above for questions=20
about how to participate and become involved.

=C2=A0 For assistance in finding and placing quality ceramic art=20
exhibitions in your venue, please contact us and we will assist you in=20
curating an exhibition. If you already have a ceramic art exhibition=20
planned for the conference dates, please send information to Bonita Day=20
at: HYPERLINK "" for=20
inclusion in press and conference publications.

The South Coast Clay All-stars is an alliance of ceramic artists=20
from the greater New Orleans area.=C2=A0 It's mission is to unify,=20
strengthen and support ceramic arts and all visual artists in Louisiana=20
and the gulf coast region.

=C2=A0 Contacts: Christopher Brumfield, HYPERLINK ""=20
\t "_blank"; Bonita Day, HYPERLINK=20
"" \t "_blank"

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