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workshops and tours in indigenous mexico

updated fri 13 jul 07


Eric Mindling on wed 11 jul 07

Dear Potters and clay junkies,

I invite you to travel with us into the Mexican backcactus to dip your hands in
the mud and get a taste of the immense diversity in pottery that exists in
rural Mexico. We know the potters of this land better than anyone on the map.
Below are our offerings for this winter.

Eric Mindling/Head Honcho


The Oaxacan Clay Workshop. Jan 26-Feb 3,
2008. Making pots the ancient Zapotec way. Hand build, clay prep,
burnish, surface fire as well as cultural immersion in Zapotec household.
Visits to other pottery villages, pre-Colombian ruins, tasty food.

The Potters of Michoacan. Feb 9-18th; Feb
23-March 3, 2008. An adventure through the beautiful highlands of
Michoacan. Five-foot tall vases, slip and burnish decoration, bizarre dreamlike
figurative work, lead-free lowfire glaze work, colonial towns, markets,
indigenous culture.

The Great Masters of Tonala: Polychrome and Burnish. March 8-15, 2008. A goldmine town of nationally
recognized master potters. Ornate surface decoration with oxide slips, mica
burnish, low, mid and highfire glaze work. One-day hands-on slip/burnish
workshop, visits with 8 master potters.

The Mata Ortiz Pottery Workshop. March 29-April 6th. Based in Mata Ortiz, Chihuhua with Michael Wisner and
Jorge Quintana. Hand building, low fire traditional firings, tool making,
coiling, slip decoration, burnishing, kiln building, visits to village potters
and clay digs in the mountains around Mata Ortiz.
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Oaxaca, Mexico