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ye old kiln shed

updated sat 31 aug 96


Paula Offutt on sat 3 aug 96

Tina Morris in Greensboro:

I am in Western NC near Asheville!

Anyhow, yes, most kiln sheds are (around here) just simple wood and tin
structures. It is my understanding that you cannot get fire insurance if the
kiln shed is touching or connected to your studio. I have seen some made
from brick and others in wonderful wood buildings. But the majority are a 3
sided shed with a tin roof. I go to Haywood Community College in their
Production Craft program and ours are just covered on top. A slight bank
goes up the back of the main one but it is not much. We put up a piece of
paneling on windy days to protect the pilot warmup over night. There are
just 2 problems with this arrangement: 1, we have gotten some oxidation
streaks during bad weather where the wind can force itself thru the burner
hole; and 2, there are lots of leaves around in the fall and winter so we
have to do some cleanup before firing. Western Carolina University (I think
it was them) nearly burned down their kiln shed during a raku demostration
due to too many leaves around!!

Paula (
Alexander NC