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fw: penpal and upcoming workshop

updated thu 12 jul 07


mark on wed 11 jul 07

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From: mark=20
To: Clayart=20
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 7:52 PM
Subject: penpal and upcoming workshop

To all who contacted me off list about a penpal for my daughter a big =
thanks! She has several letters in the mail as I type. Second, I wanted =
to post information on the upcoming Potters Council workshop, Out Of The =
Fire Regional Conference to be held in Duluth Georgia August 10 - 12, =

Presenters include Rick Berman Salku firing, Mark Issenberg Ash Glaze =
Firing, Nan Rothwell Salt Glaze and Cone 10 Reduction Firing and myself =
Mark Knott Cone 6 Soda Firing.=20
This is a great opportunity to expose potters to multiple firing methods =
and very different ways of producing studio work. If you are trying to =
decide what type of kiln or firing method may best suite your work, then =
this would be a fantastic opportunity to talk with four different =
potters in one workshop. If you would like more information it can be =
found at or you can contact me at = or It is our hope that we can draw =
clay folks from the surrounding states, Tenn., Fl. NC., SC ect...and of =
course Ga. This should be a fun, informative workshop. A good time will =
be had for all who can attend. Thanks, mark knott