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private lessons and "fun"--valuing what we do!

updated thu 5 jul 07


Susan Fox Hirschmann on wed 4 jul 07

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mlkrakowski@CITLINK.NET writes:

I think this horrible incident shows how clay is regarded by The Public At

We are more than teachers.....we touch people in a way that no one else can.
It is not just about technique. IT goes far beyond Clay. We share with them
not just our knowledge, but take them away to a place, some have never been.
We let them forget their worries and their stresses in life. We let them
explore their potentials and go into their inner selves to pull out somthing they
have never experienced.

There is no real way to put a price on what we give people by teaching them.
It is INVALUABLE to them....and honestly, for what we give, what we charge
for classes, be it group or private,....well, it seems unequal to the joy that
we give these students. How do you ever put a price on that!? (rhetorical
question, of course)

Yes, each and every student thanks me and thanks me when they leave...because
they know that I helped them look into themselves and enjoy that part of
themeselves that they may never explore in any other way.

What a VALUE we have to those we teach!!!
Annandale, VA

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