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iron reds for ^6 ox(byrd)

updated thu 5 jul 07


Anne Doyle on tue 3 jul 07


I also did a lot of researching of reds and found several different
names for at least 6 different recipes & even some made with frits and no
GB... I am still experimenting with a red to see if it can be made within
limits and durable... as i want to use it for bowls i think it would be
important, but so far the results are a little disappointing. But hey, i
am not giving up... glaze testing is addictive...

One thing i have found is that most of these recipes produce a rust
coloured red when fired to ^6, but although there are advocates for
refiring to ^04 for the reds to come up, with the addition of about 4-5%
Bone ash the reds are greatly improved and do not need refiring...

Good luck and please let me know if you find a good red... i will let you
know if i succeed with my red testing in tweaking a durable red...

Anne, in Saint-Sauveur

P.S. I tried sending this about 5x without success so i'm trying with what
RR did, adding the (BYRD)... whats's that about?