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iron reds for ^6 ox (byrd)

updated thu 5 jul 07


Ron Roy on mon 2 jul 07

Hi John,

Just to let you know - when I hit reply to this it was routed to you - not
ClayArt - so you will not be getting any replies because I may be the only
one who knows to put BYRD in the subject line.

I don't know the answer to your question but slow cooling is going to have
a profound effect on all of them.

They all have about the right expansion with the iron included but are low
without it. The TouchStone only has 0.18 alumina so it will not be stable
with alkalies. I have no idea if the others will be stable with all that
iron either.

Ask Tony for the G2826 recipe.

Tony Hansen

Let me know which is best if you test em please - RR

>I've been looking around ClayArt and there seem to be two totally
>different versions of "Randy's Red", and a few others:
>Randy's Red
>Gertsley borate-30%
>Randy's Red
>Gerstley borate-50%
>Touchtone Red
>Gerstley borate 31
>flint 30
>feldspar 20
>talc 14
>EPK 5
>RIO 15
>46 Gerstley borate
>22.5 EPK
>29.5 silica
>2 soda ash
>11% RIO
>And, at
>there is a glaze labelled as G2826 that looks gorgeous red
>streaked with yellow but with no recipe.
>Which of these might be most reliable to get deep intense reds?
>Does anyone have the recipe used for G2826?
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>settings from
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Ron Roy
15084 Little Lake Road
Brighton, Ontario
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sacredclay on wed 4 jul 07

The feldspar in this recipe-is it potash or soda? Kathryn

> >
> >Touchtone Red
> >Gerstley borate 31
> >flint 30
> >feldspar 20
> >talc 14
> >EPK 5
> >RIO 15
> >