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iron reds @ ^6 ox

updated fri 6 jul 07


Allyson May on thu 5 jul 07

I searched for the iron red I wanted for quite a while. I now use =
Bailey's Orange Red which I think is OR-1 in his book. I played with % =
of RIO until I got what I wanted. This recipe includes bone ash which I =
believe is really necessary for good iron red color development. I'm =
not a glaze guru. This observation just comes from testing in my little =
studio. Also for me, slow cooling seems to be very important. If it =
cools too fast in my kiln I get poopy brown. I fire it with RR and =
John's slow cool schedule from their book tweaked a little for my kiln. =
I haven't seen that this glaze needs a thick application. I apply it =
like all my other glazes either dipping or spraying on the thin side. =
Too thick and it will crack on drying and be poopy brown after firing. =20
Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, IN
*Web site coming soon!