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fireworks on the fourth

updated sat 7 jul 07


David Beumee on thu 5 jul 07

You gotta have nerves of steel to fire in Colorado! For years I've fired at night when the wind is down. But having started the firing in dead quiet at 6 p.m., a storm blew through outa nowhere about 8:30. Thunder, lightning, high winds blowing down the stack; flames shootin' out the burner ports. The thing left as fast as it came. That's Colorado! Fireworks on the Fourth! Yeah!

David Beumee
Porcelain by David Beumee
Lafayette, CO

Clayart SCtag on fri 6 jul 07

Are the western states having trouble firing with any restrictions with the
severe drought conditions?

How are the potters in the states faring where the rainfall is causing
flooding ????

Just curious, if everyone is ok under the circumstances.


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