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charging for clay i n children's classes

updated sat 7 jul 07


Lili Krakowski on fri 6 jul 07

Lee: I totally agree that it is better to charge for the clay used, rather
than for clay by the bag.

However, I have watched children at work--and, depending on their age, of
course, they waste a lot. A lot goes on the floor, a good deal on the
clothes. Hair seems a good clay depository. Large amounts of clay remain
on the hands BEFORE they get washed, and stuff gets into the clay --small
tools, chewing gum, etc. A lot of clay is wasted AND I would no use clay
children had been through except maybe for grog making. Maybe.

Not to mention sneezing on the clay and wiping one's nose on one's hand
while working. NO I do not dislike small children, and spent an hour
yesterday entertaining a 2 year old! He was a wonderfully behaved young
man, we had a great time "mopping" the Firehall floor.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage