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kilnsitter problem

updated mon 25 jun 07


Brad Sondahl on sat 23 jun 07

You mention using "bars" instead of "cones." The minibars melt at a
slightly higher temperature than the cones, theoretically adjusted so as
to produce the correct cone with the kilnsitter. But adjustment of a
kilnsitter is a touchy thing, and it may be, that if you are using
witness cones and seeing Cone 6 at the correct attitude, and the kiln is
not shutting off, you may wish to try a minibar 5 or a minicone 6 in
the sitter. I keep both cones and bars on hand, and use them as half
cone temperature increments in the kilnsitter to control the
temperature, judging by the glaze results, rather than trying to keep
the kiln sitter perfectly adjusted.

Brad Sondahl

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