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updated sun 24 jun 07


Joseph Herbert on sat 23 jun 07

For a page cost of only, ONLY $430 dollars I can buy my way into the
"Masters of today" and "Art of Excellence" books. I am aquiver at the

Assuming they actually published, should say printed here, the books, and
they were a total of 250 pages, the amount available from the "subscribers"
would be close to $108,000.00. With little in the way of content cost, the
"Victims" would probably have to submit publication ready art work and copy,
one might be able to get 1000 copies printed in China for, oh maybe $10

Let me see if I can work this out...

The offer in the email seemed rather un-grammatical for a person in the book
publishing business. Ah, well.

As much as I am a "Master of today" and I thoroughly embrace the "Art of
Excellence" I think I will probably not send in the Pictures, copy, or
money. Well, if I get that bank deposit from Nigeria, maybe.

Yet another opportunity lost. Surprising how often Opportunity knocks, now
that there is email.

Good to see you back.


Joseph Herbert
Technical Writer
Irving, Texas
214-725-8305 (Cell)