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gaetan beaudin (north hatley and montreal, pq,

updated wed 27 jun 07


Helen Bates on fri 22 jun 07

Canada) (obituary) (1924-2002)

For the person who asked about Gaetan Beaudin...

Bottle by Gaetan Beaudin (1924-2002)

Bottle with five facets created about 1964-1975. Sandstone, proceeded by=20
plates, glazes with oxides, surface treatments. Signed: "GB".

Mug designed by GB for the Decor company and Laurentian Pottery in=20
Quebec, Canada Beaudin,=20
Gaetan (North Hatley and Montreal, QC, Canada)

Photo of GB at his kiln:

Gaetan Beaudin's Bio:=20
(with more recent photo, in colour)
Rough machine translation of text of Bio:
(or Tiny URL:

> Note: We present an extract to you of official statement of the Gaetan =
> Beaudin presented by 1001 Pots at the summer 2001. Since its promotion=
of the section=20
> ceramics of the School of the fine arts of Montreal in 1945 until in th=
e years=20
> 80, Gaetan Beaudin will devote his life to comprehension of clay in all=
them phases of=20
> manufacture of the pottery. Since the Faience manufacture of art, its f=
irst workshop street=20
> Papineau in Montreal whereas it does not have still finished its studie=
s, until its=20
> last public appearance with the Living room of trades of art in Montrea=
l in 1982, the thirst=20
> for to know will bring it, through productions extremely diversified, t=
o try to seize, by the=20
> practice of the trade and one study of ceramic technology that nobody h=
ere pushed also far,=20
> them mysteries of the transformation of the matter by fire. =20
> The course of Gaetan Beaudin passes by the organization of a new sectio=
n of teaching of=20
> ceramics at the schooltechnique of Rimouski where it will work of 1946 =
to 1953 and where=20
> it will found in parallelpottery Rimouski Decoration. During this perio=
d, it will give courses=20
> of summer toPenland School of Handicrafts, of Caroline North. It is und=
er the inspiration=20
> of this type of teaching which it will open its workshop school Pottery=
of North-Hatley in 1954,
> true source of several generations of potters and poti=C3=A8res. Stock-=
broker of the Council of
> Arts in 1963, it goes to Japan where it work with the Masters Kei Fujiw=
ara, Seimi Stuji and=20
> Tatsuzo Shimaoka. First raise of Shoji Hamada, friend and collaborator =
of Bernard Leach,=20
> treasure national of Japan, Tatzuo Shimaoka, on the invitation of Gaeta=
n Beaudin, will come
> to offer to North Hatley a session of studies with the professional pot=
ters at the summer 1964.
> With the autumn of this same year, Gaetan Beaudin leaves North Hatley a=
nd opens with
> Montreal the gallery-shop Earth and it Fire where it presents, in addit=
ion to its clean
> parts, the work of famous ceramists Japanese and inhabitant of Quebec. =
It takes again a station
> of professor in ceramic technology with the Institute of the applied ar=
ts where it had
> replaced Pierre-Aime temporarily Normandeau in 1956. It continues sound=
teaching at the=20
> Institute of the applied arts (integrated into C=C3=A9gep of Old man-Mo=
ntreal in 1969) until 1973.=20
> In parallel, in 1965, he is cofounder with PierreLegault and Bertrand V=
anasse, of one
> company offering produced and services to professionals of the pottery.=
Initially named=20
> Pierre Legault Inc, it is always presents under the name of SIAL. In 1=
973, the group outlines a=20
> project of edition of ceramic parts, SIAL, to which is associated Mauri=
ce Savoy. prototypes of=20
> a whole of carafe and glasses are produced. This experiment them will c=
arry out to join the=20
> company Concrete laboratories limited and this association will give ri=
se to the crockery
> industrial SIAL II where Gaetan Beaudin not only draws and develops the=
m products but also=20
> imagines and invents tools and means for production. At the end of SIAL=
II (of which the=20
> post-mortem remain to be made) at the beginning of the Eighties, Gaetan=
Beaudin returns to his=20
> production personal in workshop with Rosem=C3=A8re. Its last?uvres will=
be presented to Living room=20
> of the trades of art of Montreal in 1982.=20
> As parallel always, it acts like consultant and adviser near various co=
mpanies ceramics. Since=20
> several years, Gaetan Beaudin lived withdrawn of the obligations and co=
nstraints of any kind.=20
> However, this thirst for knowing that it applied to all them fields of =
its life always encouraged=20
> it with to seek response to its requirement while inventing and adaptin=
g tools more and more=20
> sophisticated in their simplicity even. With the thirst for knowing "sy=
mbiosait" the joy to be in=20
> question. It played. To invent one system of perception of the colors f=
or its?uvres pictorial with=20
> which it has joined again, establishing the link with the pleasure of i=
ts first years of fine art.=20
> To put at the point of the small domestic tools for to simplify;a life.=
Gaetan Beaudin played. And=20
> it juggled. To try to include/understand them relations between the bei=
ngs and the things. With=20
> human brittleness. With the succession of catastrophes which mark out t=
he history of humanity.=20
> with social vacuity. With the hope, despite everything, in the capacity=
of human of to find a solution=20
> happy based on science of the xxe century, cybernetics. Gaetan Beaudin,=
potter, engineer,=20
> philosopher, juggled with the idea to work out a new social organizatio=
n intread of the biologist=20
> Henri Laborit. It in will perhaps not have had time... but that intere=
sted. =20
> Gaetan Beaudin 1924-2002

As I said, it's rough. I could try to improve on it, but my brain's a=20
bit dozy tonight, so I'll leave it as is.

Helen (Happy to be reading Clayart again)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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Helen Bates on mon 25 jun 07

Canada) (obituary) (1924-2002)

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Bottle Gaetan Beaudin 1924-2002
(Bottle with five facets created about 1964-1975. Sandstone, proceeded by
plates, glazes with oxides, surface treatments. Signed: "GB".)

Gaetan Beaudin, potter (1924-2002)
(B & W photo of G.B. at his kiln)

Helen in Belleville