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fw: nylon fiber in clay or slip

updated tue 26 jun 07


D. L. Engle on sat 23 jun 07

Originally posted just as everything went black, hope we can pick up the
thread again! Debbie

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Hi Francis and all,

I too was hoping to hear more on this topic. I've been adding nylon to clay
used for sculpting with very good results. I've not yet had the benefit of a
lot of experimentation but have started by adding about 15 grams of the
chopped fiber to about 50 lbs. of moist clay mixed up to a thick slip. To
lessen the clumping of the nylon fibers it has helped to soak them in a
couple of cups of very hot water just prior to adding to the clay, then the
slip is blunged a sew seconds with a paint type mixer chucked in a drill.
Then poured into plaster drying bats to thicken a bit. Nylon fiber clay
will store just as well as regular clay. The chopped fiber can be found at
Masonry supply stores or at Douglas and Sturgess Art Supply:

So, lets hear some more.....Debbie

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Subject: Nylon fiber in clay or slip

Is anybody out there working with clay that has nylon fiber added? I
remember reading about Marilyn Levine using nylon fiber in clay to do her
fabulous jackets and other work. I tried some fiber in a naked raku slip
that kept falling off our pots and it allowed for great cracking without
peeling off our pots. I have a couple of buckets of porcelain trimmings that
I want to try to do some very thin hand built pieces with and I thought I
would try a little fiber in it once I slake it down and remix it. Any
suggestions ???
Francis Rider


Brant Palley on mon 25 jun 07

We sell two clays with nylon fibers, our fiber is very fine and small,
like paper fibers. It seems to work similar to that papered clay. Our
fiber is available on our web site

This clay development is customer driven, after all they are the ones
using the clay. Does the nylon fiber act differently than paper? One thing
is that our clays are not lumpy and the finished product looks like
regular clay.

Our two bodies are:

"Sheepdog" White Earthenware W Fiber 04
Sheepdog lowfire earthenware with fiber, our version of that Papered Clay!
Our fiber doesn't rot, and will fit most commercial glazes.
lowfire sculptural body that fits commercial glazes at 04-06. It contains
5% fine white sand and our superfine nylon fiber.


"Magic Clay" is a fibered Cone 6 smooth, plastic, porcelaneous body. The
fiber is extremely fine and burns out in the firing.
So What?
Magic clay advantages:
1. Sculptors can work very loosely and it will not crack.
2. Wet clay can be added to dry greenware.
3. Clay dries quickly and can be dried unevenly without cracking.
4. Suitable for large outdoor work.
5. Pleasing creamy color.
6. Does not rot, ever!
7. Super plastic.
8. Non toxic but firing should be well ventilated.

Both clays are interesting to use and will be tweaked as our customers
give us feedback.

Hope this helps

Brant Palley

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