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updated fri 8 jun 07


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 5 jun 07


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claystevslat on thu 7 jun 07

Phil --

I guess I'm in full rant mode today. I just
sent a message saying that I wouldn't advise
taking tax advice from a veterinarian.

In this case, it's tax advice from a
'semi-retired opthalmologist' -- and it's
a good rant, but it's invalid as tax advice.
People who have done as he advises have paid
big time for it.

Hein is recommending conducting a barter
transaction -- legal, but income for
BOTH PARTIES -- and concealing it in the
guise of a claimed 'gift exchange' which is

A tax prosecution can ruin a person for many,
many years. The IRS is actually pretty easy
about errors that they find, and they rarely
go too deep into the question of your intent,
but setting up a deal like Hein recommends
could likely get you the privilege and honor
of being the next person to be an example for
all the rest.

Saving a few bucks on your tax bill doesn't
seem to wise compared to paying a lawyer hundreds
per hour for defending you.

I will, however, take seriously any advice
Hein gives on the subject of ocular health.

Best wishes -- Steve S

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