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jingdezhen ceramic institute- esl teachers needed.

updated wed 6 jun 07


Ric Swenson on tue 5 jun 07

My fellow potters,
JingDeZhen Ceramic Institute has two openings for the Fall term....starting=
about Sept 1, 2007 for ESL teachers. Teaching oral English is not difficu=
lt but it requires that you have a four year college degree of some type to=
qualify to be an "expert" in P.R. China. My BFA qualified me.
I have been here for over a year and love the place and the people and the =
teaching. Most of my students are English majors and very eager to learn co=
nversational English.
There is now in place a small ceramic studio space (with equipment) for the=
exclusive use of the oral English staff.
We teach about 20-25 hours per week. Not a heavy load. The accomodations ar=
e good.... but it's dorm life...the rooms are quite new and well appointed.=
Private quarters. Plane fare one way for a single term and roundtrip for=
a full year's commitment.
The exposure to the City of Porcelain is extraordinary and always exciting.=
The food is great. The pay is way above local levels, but spartan by Wes=
tern standards. ( about 3600 yuan per month) The perks and the opportunity =
to travel and see lots of China are abundant. The weather is similar to At=
The culture is fantastic. You don't need to speak anything but standard En=
glish or American/British/Aussie. Only native English speakers may apply.
If you, or someone you know might fit the bill, just contact me directly (o=
ff list) at
and I can answer your questions and put you in contact with the University'=
s office of International Exchange and Cooperation..
Xie xie (thanks!)
Ric =20
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