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thorley kiln shelves

updated fri 1 jun 07


Eleanor on thu 31 may 07

Is there any new information on the status of Thorley shelves?

Archives indicate a cracking problem since ownership was assumed by
Laguna. My Thorleys predate that merger and so far have not cracked
at ^6.

Laguna's reply to my query was prompt and extremely polite, advising
me that cracking is unavoidable and sometimes do (sic) to mishandling
or manufacturing faults, in effect telling me nothing.

Are there alternatives to Thorley? I mean other than Advancers:
they're too pricey. I use 5/8 inch half shelves for my Skutt 1027-3.

I would appreciate private replies. I subscribe to the Clayart Digest
and receive it only sporadically lately. I think I'm not getting all
the posts.

Eleanor Kohler

Twirt at Hutchtel on thu 31 may 07

Thorley shelves essentially NEVER used to crack. Something happened. We
had a total of some 20 of 25 crack at cone 10. Continental Clay tried to
help, but got no compensation. So we switched to
advancer....will never, repeat never, go back. They are a dream. Haven't
tried any of the cheapies, and don't intend to. In my mind, kiln shelves is
not a place to pinch pennies.

Tom Wirt