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updated fri 1 jun 07


Gina Mars on thu 31 may 07

Hi, I am planning on creating a fountain for my yard
I am thinking about 3 feet tall with an hour glass shape.
Does anyone have any suggestions or plans/books that have
been helpful.I am not exactly sure about issues such as pump size
where it is going to be located and, most fountains I
see have a small hole at the top where the water comes out.
I would hate to make a large fountain and not make the holes
in the proper places before I fire it.
I plan on dragging my wheel outside to work when it's done.
The weather here in Huntington Station, NY is perfect today!
I am also gearing up for my demo at the conference
in Port Washington with Gay Smith ,Doug Gray, Tim Scull
and others.I wish Mel was here.

Gina Mars
huntington station,ny 11746

Mayssan Shora Farra on thu 31 may 07

Hello Gina:

Basically a fountain is 2 pieces the basin that holds the water and the
top that is the decorative part mostly and also hides the plumbing.

you will need 2 holes in the cover part. one at the bottom for the pump
cord to go through and one at the top to let the water fall back down to
the basin.

If the basin is larger than the cover, it will be easier to figure the
water flow and less a chance of leaking(water moves in strange ways).

The basin can be smaller( in that case it would be more of a reservoire )
and then you keep the pump in it and make an indentation in the rim for
the cord to pass through.

you can also make it one piece but you have to think of where the pump
will hide, the path for the tubing to the top of the fountain and if you
need a little lid on top of the top hole so water won't shoot straight up
( that really applies to all fountains).

As for the pump they all have a rating on them of how high and how much
water they can move. I buy the minis as I only make table top fountains.

Good luck, It is so much fun.