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workshops at sierra nevada college

updated tue 30 apr 96


Patty Rehn on tue 9 apr 96

I recently received my announcement for the summer workshops at SNC at Lake
Tahoe NV
I have attended several workshops here including Warren MacKenzie(his last
workshop), Robin Hopper,Steven Hill, Catherine Heirsoux and Val Sanders. I
highly recommend the facility (spartan housing)and most of all, the
wonderful staff particularly Carol Sphar. The workshops were all wonderful.
Prices are high but all the workshops were worth it. This years offerings in
cermaics include

Rismas VisGirda Wax Inlay decorating june10-14
Marc Lancet Creativity june17-21
Philip Cornelius general? july 8-12
Carol Sphar Porcelain july 15-19 She does the most incredible
crystalline glazes

Virginia Cartwright inlaid colored clay july 22-26
Elaine Katzer sculpture july 29-8/2

Other workshops are offered in painting, glassblowing(also great) and
various other arts.

For More Info: 1-800-332-8666

Patty Rehn, in central Oregon where Spring was here yesterday