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saggar firing - question for r. mahaffey

updated tue 29 may 07


William & Susan Schran User on mon 28 may 07


Attempted to send the following to your email address that came up from your
post, but it bounced back as undeliverable so I'm posting to the group.
Feel free to respond to the group or just to me as you prefer.

I'm a fellow Clayarter & Community College teacher/administrator.
I'm Fine Art Program head, though now my title is Assistant Dean, because
they seem to just keep dumping more & more on me - you know the story!

Anyway, I took at look at your college web site and saw the images of your
saggar fired ware.

I write to ask if you would be willing to share information about your
saggar firing process that I might pass along to my students?
Each summer I teach a raku course in which we do raku,
horsehair process, foil saggar process, and this past year, saggar firing in
our larger gas fired kiln. We use terra sig. and have used clay chimney
flue liners (crack too easily), hand made saggars and clay flower pot
saggars (seem to hold up well). We've gotten good blacks, plant shadowing,
wire marks, etc. but I think we're packing the saggar too densely to get the
lighter colors. Can you provide any information about your process?

Thanks, Bill

William "Bill" Schran