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clay saggars

updated tue 29 may 07


Eduardo Lazo on mon 28 may 07

Dear Roxanne:
I am assuming you are asking about the composition of the saggar itself and
not the clay works to be fired in the saggar. I make my clay saggars out of a
high fire stoneware with sand and grog. Walls are about 3/8 inch thick. The
lids are made to fit tightly. Basically, I make two bowls or canisters, a
taller one to hold the work and a smaller one to act as a lid. If I want some
oxidation within the saggar during the firing, I prop up the lid with three dabs
of fiber wool, each about 1/8th inch thick.

If you fire slowly and allow the saggars to cool within the kiln slowly, they
should last for about 8 firings. The more radical you are with your firing
and cooling the less number of times do they stay intact. However, you can use
kiln patch to mend the broken ones or leave them cracked to allow for the
introduction of oxygen during firing.

I hope this helps. May you have many happy firing days ahead.

Eduardo Lazo
Belmont, California

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