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west coast kiln

updated mon 28 may 07


Theo Helmstadter on sat 26 may 07

I am interested in information from anyone who has had problems with
the West Coast Kiln company in the last few years. Have you or your
company or educational institution purchased a new product from this
company? Have there been difficulties? Please get in touch if you
would like to aid in a constructive process aimed at improvement of
our professional community.

Thank you,
Theo Helmstadter

Dan Dermer on sun 27 may 07

Hello Theo,
I own a West Coast 16 cf updraft (purchased in 2001) and have been =
generally pleased with the product. I'm curious what size kiln you =
have, what issues you've run into, and the response you received from =
the manufacturer.

There are others on this list who have had good experiences with West =
Coasters, but it's hard to know what advice to offer without a =
description of your experience.


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