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workshop in spain

updated tue 2 mar 99


Marcia Selsor on wed 30 oct 96

Workshop in Spain
two and four week sessions
Plans include beginning in Barcelona, visit Guell Park and other Gaudi
sites. Apartments and studio facilities are in the Pottery Manufacturing
Center of Agost (Ceramics Monthly May, 1989 p44-47)
Facilities include raku kiln, small electric kiln, 1 cubic meter wood
fired kiln, gas kiln, and group will construct a soda vapor castable
kiln during the workshop. Wheels and studio space are in a restored
19th century pottery. Apartments include kitchens and are also
part of the 19th century complex.
Dates Leave US Thurs. May 29 to Barcelona
First session ends June 13 and includes tours in Barcelona and Valencia
Four week session ends Thurs. June 26 and includes tours to
Granada and the four day Fiesta of San Juan in Alicante.
Two week course costs $2295 approximately including airfare from US
excursions, and studio and apartments. Food is not included.
Four week course costs $2995 including airfare from the US.
College credit is available from Montana State University-Billings
Office of Contimuing Education. $210 for 3 credits, $420 for 6 cr.
For further information please contact ARTIS, (Art Research Tours and
International Studios)Robert Renfrow, Program Coordinator
833 E. Holaway Dr., Tucson, Az 85716
(520) 887-5287, 1 800 232-6893

David Renfrow, Program Director
ARTIS, 3119 Pioneer Dr.
Columbia, MO 65202
573 886-9688

Marcia Selsor, Professor
Montana State University-Billings
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Marcia Selsor on mon 1 mar 99

Dear Clayarters,
I have had a couple of people drop out of the trip to Spain.
If anyone is interested please check out the website below
and contact me directly. The workshop goes from Jun.3 to Jun 26
after we see the Fiesta of the Fires of San Joan. Check out this website for
the fiesta!
Marcia Selsor in Montana

Marcia Selsor