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paper clay/kim's response/paying for a technical paper

updated sat 19 may 07


L. P. Skeen on thu 17 may 07

The point here, as I see it, is not that he's charging $30 for a copy of the
paper. If someone else owns the copyright (which I think is crazy, since he
apparently did the writing himself...) he can't control what they charge for
the paper. The POINT is, I don't think many people who may be interested in
the subject (which, by the way, was the question of what minerals/chemicals
are left behind after paperclay is fired) are interested at the technical
paper level. Some are, sure, but I'd guess most are just casually curious
and were looking for a simple answer to the question. Kim apparently didn't
understand that, and offered his paper instead of a simple answer.
_I_ for one am still hoping he will come back with a simple answer.....

With regard to paying $30 for a technical paper, someone said:
This is a very typical situation in industry and academia. I work in the
auto industry and our researchers and engineers write papers for the
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Those papers are presented in
industry forums and then are sold by SAE. SAE holds the copyrights and if
we want a copy, we have to pay for our own paper. I know how strange that
sounds, but that's just the way it is.

L. P. Skeen, Summerfield NC, USA
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