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paper clay/kim/ thank you but $30 is a bit steep: my apology to

updated sat 19 may 07


Craig Clark on fri 18 may 07

the greater ClayArt community for being rude.......hooey is not a nice
thing to say

To everyone who was put off by my post: I, Craig Dunn Clark, being of
sound mind and body, do hereby, before providence and the forces of
cyberspace, apologize for the tone of my post concerning Kim and his
paper. Hooey is not a nice thing to say.

Vince, you are correct I do not know anything about the academic press.
I am not an academic. I apologize to the greater ClayArt community for
using the word hooey......I shall refrain from doing so again, in this
forum at least. As far as foolish goes, whoa right back
atcha...........uniformed/ignorant about academic publications, yes.
Foolish no..............Foolish is when someone knows about something
and then heartily sets about the task of doing what they know better not
to do. So I disagree with that particular modifier. I was reacting to
the tone of what was being said in what I considered to be a derisive,
scolding manner. As you know there are several of us who can be quite
reactionary in our responses from time to time.

I responded to the part of Kim's post where he was telling someone to be
careful with their words. I did my knee-jerk bit on that one. I have now
been duly and understandably castigated by several folks on the board.
My reaction stems from my belief that this forum is for the free flow of
information concerning the Ceramics world. Why didn't Kim give a
distillation of the information for the group as a whole, or post up the
paper for that matter in the interest of the greater ClayArt community?
There are a number of folks on the board, yourself included, who have
extensive, detailed knowledge of Ceramics, not to mention many years of
professional real world experience, who freely share, in a
detailed/exhaustive form, their knowledge with the group. Kim shows up
and folks gotta poney up thirty bucks a pop to get the information. That
just doesn't set very well with me. The specific nature of academic
publications does not mitigate this for me.

We also have folks who are professionals in other fields who have freely
posted information to the group that they normally charge for.
And it isn't like I don't believe that folks shouldn't pay for things
either. I have purchased, and thoroughly enjoy and promote, several of
the books from folks on the list including yours.
Hope this helps
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 St
Houston, Texas 77008

mudman@hal-pc.orgVince Pitelka wrote:
> Craig Clark wrote:
>> I'll be careful with my words now........this whole deal sounds like a
>> load of self promoting hooey to me. First of all, you deride "ordinary
>> ceramic magazines or ordinary books", and then you talk about "pure
>> academic contribution. Gimme a break. Thirty bucks for an obscure paper
>> written by a self promoting PHD......I think not..
> Whoa Craig, that was REALLY obnoxious. He referred to ordinary ceramics
> magazines and books because that is what they are. They are not
> scholarly
> journals. Why would you write a post like this in such an insulting
> tone?
> You don't seem to know anything about the academic press, so why would
> you
> say these things?
> A post like this just makes you look foolish. I hope you realize that
> now.
> - Vince
> Vince Pitelka
> Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Technological University
> Smithville TN 37166, 615/597-6801 x111
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