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updated fri 18 may 07


Marcia Selsor on thu 17 may 07

Craig and others

Dr Kim is correct about academic journals. My astro-physicist husband
publishes oftern and the going rate is $125-300/page. Dr. Kim is a
researcher of Ceramic Science.
Universities subscribe to publications in the field of research
institutions. To have access to the journals, you need access to the
university's library (often online) or you can purchase the articles
for $15-30 depending on size, illustrations, etc. This is not a
vanity press. It is the way it is in academia. There are no
advertisers in these publications to cover publishing costs. It is
strictly academic research publications. If your home institution is
serious about the research or you have a grant for the research, the
paper charges get covered that way. It is the practise. It is also
required for professors in order to stay in good academic standing,
to be promoted and to received their annual pay increments after they
get reviewed by peers. No publishing can mean salary reductions or
termination in some places. Ever heard the phrase "publish or
perish". That is where it comes from.

Marcia Selsor, prfoessor emerita now retired from academia and
pursuing clay full time.

On May 16, 2007, at 6:00 AM, Jeoung-Ah Kim wrote:

> I do not have to sell anything.
> My articles and books are copyright by Elsevier. I do not get 1
> penny.
> These are science journals and book series which are completely
> different from ordinary ceramic magazines or ordinary books. You
> get paid when your articles or books are published or sell. But
> researchers and scientists, we do not get 1 penny. These articles
> are pure academic contribution.
> You can ask to the publisher if you want. There is nothing to hide.
> Kim