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need to bisque heavy sculptures with alpine!

updated thu 17 may 07


Mark Potter on wed 16 may 07


I have an Alpine with a new kiln controller. . Kiln Ray installed it
for me. . .the latest. . digital controller. . . .

However I have not used it with this electronic controller. . . having
only used the kiln for reduction high fires in the past . . . just
used my eyes. . .my cones . . and my exerience. . .

I would like to bisque a lot of thick sculptures. . . some are 1"
thick in places (groggy sculpture clay) and would like to use the
controller to do a nice even bisque that isn't likely to break my
work. . . .

I'd much appreciate making the acquaintance of any NYC potters who are
familiar with the controller and would be willing to help me with a
bisque firing. I could pay for your help on this. I'm not
electonically inclined. . but recognize the advantage of doing ramp
type firings with all kinds of waits and pauses at various

If you're not a NYC based potter, do you have a schedule for firing
heavy bisqued works?

Mark Potter