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no smell paper clay mend/no dust too

updated tue 15 may 07


Angela Davis on mon 14 may 07

Like Bonnie I add copper carb to my paper clay slip
and never get a smell.

It doesn't take much, I use 1 teasp to a 5 gal bucket of
paper-clay slip. I take out a container of this mix if I'm
running low on patching slip and let the rest de-water for
use as clay.
(hope that makes sense)

If you just need a little paper-clay slip now and then press
out small thin pancakes with your fingers and allow to dry. When you need
slip take
what you need of the dry paper-clay wafers and add water.
Because they are thin they will break down into nice slip very quickly with
no dust problems.

Angela Davis

Hope to pug up my 150 pound batch of paper-clay today,
got a new toy at NCECA. A Shimpo NRA-04 twin auger,
self feeding! No more pulling on that heavy handle.
I love how fast it works and the clay is as air free as our
heavy duty de-airing mill at school.

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> Elizabeth: I would be concerned about the amount of dry clay I would
> get into the air surforming dry paperclay, but I don't have a
> ventilation system to handle it.