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from robin/new kiln

updated tue 15 may 07


mel jacobson on mon 14 may 07

Hi All =96

Just catching up to share my progress on my kiln=20
journey. 2 days after crashing my dual fuel=20
conversion kiln, I had a small misunderstanding=20
with a colt I was riding, and ended up with a=20
slight detour in my plans. After 2 very long=20
months of recouping, I happily spent today laying=20
the bricks for my Oregon Flat Top. What a=20
treat! The plans came out of =93The Art of=20
Firing=94, I have also pestered Nils a couple of=20
times, and he has graciously sent words of wisdom=20
my way. The actual kiln box is finished, I=92ll do=20
the lid tomorrow, flue and chimney this next week=20
along with plumbing in the propane.

The internal dimensions are 31.5=94 x 36=94 x 30=94. I=20
used Hard 2300=92s for the 1st floor layer, Soft=20
2300 IFBs for the walls and 2nd floor layer (with=20
hard brick strategically laid in the floor for=20
shelf footings), with 8# - 1=94 fiber around=20
it. The brick and fiber came from TSI in Tulsa=20
(great service and good prices). They have a new=20
location in OKC, and brought the goodies to the=20
city for me to pick up there. Then 2 =96 MR 750s=20
from Marc Ward (along with GREAT customer service=20
and advice). I will spray the interior walls and=20
floor with ITC this week. I plan on sheeting the=20
exterior in galvanized to protect the=20
fiber. After reading Mel=92s many postings=20
concerning the stack/flue/draft, I opted for=20
actually building this little jewel in a=20
different location than originally planned due to draft concerns.

I also treated myself to a dozen 12 x 24 Silicon=20
Nitride shelves from Baileys. They arrived in=20
A-1 shape, and I can=92t wait to get the first firing underway.

I=92ll keep you posted, I do have my plans all laid=20
out with a costing of what I=92ve done. As soon as=20
the first glaze firing is opened up, I=92ll let you=20
know, and get all the photos organized.

Thank you all for being a wealth of knowledge and=20
support, I learn something new every time I read through Clayart!

Robin Wolf

Kingfisher, OK

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