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soda cups was re:soda glazing

updated mon 14 may 07


Rudy Tucker on sun 13 may 07

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Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2007 10:28 AM
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> This is a common practice with soda and salt firings in Minnesota. No
> problem with the cups unless they are cracked or get dipped over.
> Gene

Thanks Gene, that is interesting. Maybe I should have asked about your
wadding composition before I had replied to your original post.

I've heard of one who used unfired thrown stoneware bowls for their salt,
they melted almost completely! I suppose a high alumina mixture might react
differently than the clay. Is that the case here? I have always used small
fired thrown stoneware bowls in my kiln. I have some nicely glazed sake
cups as a result.

I will experiment a bit with the two waddings that I use in my next firing.

Rudy Tucker