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updated fri 3 jun 05 on fri 5 apr 96

Hi All-

Just a quick note to let everyone know about two upcoming workshops:

Tile and Architectural Ceramics
Leo Peck, LionArt Ltd.
June 8-9, 1996
Coleman Studios
Las Vegas, NV

Topics will include:

-extruded tiles
-thrown tiles
-setting and grouting

For more information about the workshop, call Coleman Studios
at 702-451-1981. For a detailed look at Leo's work, check out
his homepage on Tiles On The Web at:


At the Cleveland Institute of Art:
Architectural Ceramics: Site Specific
Angelica Pozo
June 10-21, 1996

Full details are available on Tiles On The Web at:


Tom Colson
Tiles On The Web:

Cheryl L Litman on fri 18 sep 98

This is just one of many workshop announcements which have come through
lately and I'd like to suggest that the location be in the first sentence
rather than at the end as most of the recent ones have been. I don't
want to read the whole thing, get excited, arrow down and then find out
it's across the country and out of the realm of possibility.

Cheryl Litman
Somerset, NJ

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998 09:25:49 EDT the cat lady
>At 10:20 AM 9/16/98 EDT, you wrote:
>>The Altered Pot:
>>An Exploration of Functional Form
>>with Ellen Shankin
>>Join us for a weekend of throwing, cutting, scraping, paddling,
>>and pushing at this demonstration workshop. Noted potter Ellen
>>will return to the Lee Art Center to share her process of working
>>functional forms. Through a slide presentation and demonstrations
>>will illustrate the techniques she has developed for altering the
>Ellen was here (Ontario) for last year's Fusion conference. She is
>a wonderful, giving, sharing presenter. Her work is subtle,
>and a joy to hold. If you have an opportunity to see her, GO!
>Also, Hal, CONTACT ME at
>I want to get on the glaze mailing list (have been trying
>since you started up, but all my messages have gone
>unnoticed. I'm starting to take this personally :(
>sam - alias the cat lady
>Melbourne, Ontario
>SW Ontario CANADA
>"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods.
> Cats have never forgotten this."

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Maid O'Mud Pottery on sun 14 jan 01

Thank you for announcing this workshop.

I hope in the future you will announce these types of
workshops further in advance so those of us that would
like to attend can plan around it.

Beryl Budnark wrote:

> Subject: Linda Arbuckle Workshop
> The Potters' Guild of Hamilton & Region is having a
workshop with invited artist Linda Arbuckle. Linda lives in
Micanopy, Florida and teaches at Florida University.
Majolica glazes are Linda's trademark and are recognized
over the world. She uses terra cotta clay and fires to
Cone 04. This is a workshop you shouldn't miss.
> Jan. 20 & 21, 2001 (Sat. & Sun.)
> 9:00 am. to 5:00 pm.
> Mohawk College
> Fennell Campus, Room C116
> 135 Fennell Avenue West,
> Hamilton, Ontario
> cost: $50.00 - members
> $60.00 - non members
> contact: Pat Swartzenberg 905-662-6633

Sam, Maid O'Mud Pottery

"First, the clay told me what to do
Then, I told the clay what to do
Now; we co-operate"
sam, 1994

"Effort does not always equal output"
sam, 1999

Sam, Maid O'Mud Pottery

"First, the clay told me what to do
Then, I told the clay what to do
Now; we co-operate"
sam, 1994

"Effort does not always equal output"
sam, 1999

John Palmquist on thu 2 jun 05

Wesleyan Potters in Middletown Conn. Has the following summer =
Porcelain Pots - an Elegant Twist
Susan Filey will demonstrate thrown and altered porcelain pots that =
strive to be both strong in form and elegant in design.
Functional skills and techniques of working with and decorating =
porcelain will be covered. In this workshop students will practice =
throwing skills, learn methods to alter forms and experiment with slip =
3 sessions Friday, Saturday and Sunday
August 12-14
9:30 am-4:00 pm.
tuition: $ 250.00

Bring out the animal in you with Pat Simons
Bring your enthusiasm and whimsy to this two day workshop to create =
a wild animal or domestic creature with a personality of it's own. The =
artist, an experienced animal sculptor, will guide you through the =
process, using either wheel thrown or handbuilt parts. Two days of =
sculpting, followed a few weeks later with an optional 1/2 day of =
glazing. When you are finished you will have a friend to bring home with =
August 20-21
9:30 am. - 4:00 pm
1 optional glazing session:
Sunday Sept. 18, 9:00 - noon.
Tuition: $250.00
Please contact Wesleyan Potter for more information. Phone =
860-347-5925( office hours are 9-3), e-mail, =
or visit the web-site at