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updated fri 11 may 07


John Sankey on tue 8 may 07

Are there any summaries for potters of books or articles in the
ClayArt archives similar to mine on Weyl's Coloured Glasses?
I haven't been able to find any (although it's difficult to know
what to use for search terms).

I'd be happy to keep an index of them, and encourage anyone else
with access to important sources of pottery info to write
summaries for us all.

Ivor and Olive Lewis on wed 9 may 07

Dear John Sankey,

I appreciate there may be a need for the sort of synopsis you posted but =
there seems to be a reluctance to go outside the range of popular books =
written for potters.=20

Weyl, Singer and Singer, Kingery et al, Brownell, Levine et al and other =
scientific and technical texts tend to be a bit heavy for ceramic =
artists. So there is a tendency to rely on the Hamer Dictionary for =
knowledge. My recent request for a comparison between what was initially =
published and the most recent edition seems to indicate little revision =
of basic information.

If you were to present precis of recent research, transliterated from =
jargon so that it was easy to read and understand you might have a good =

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.