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everhard tools

updated tue 8 may 07


Stevie Kapanui-Parsons on mon 7 may 07

I was interested in an earlier post so I called Everhard. They usually
work through distributors but, if you are Southern California, more
specifically, the Laguna area, they don't have a local so are willing to
do business on an individual basis. Minimum order is $75.00. To check on
the exact pics & model nos. you want (which you will need to get before
you can get prices and/or order by phone), you need to go to the home
page. Get to the section where you can log in/customer id (can't remember
exactly what it says)...anyway, type in -- 146850. Password
is "teamwork". This password is good for the month. They change
passwords monthly to keep their specs etc. from their competition. I
spoke to their sales department and they would be very happy to have
potters as customers.

Happy Potting. Stevie