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anyone have the formula for a low fire texture glaze?/ brians site.

updated mon 7 may 07


Angela Davis on sun 6 may 07

I'm sorry I cannot address you by name since you didn't
sign your post.
I thought I would answer your question because I am one of Brian's
biggest fans and have attended his glaze workshop.

You may be having trouble finding your way around Brian's site
because he in NZ so of course everything is upside down. :-)

I will give you a more direct link to the pages you seek,

here you will find a list of very interesting subjects.

If you have further difficulties please email me and I will help all
I can. Brian's work warrants your attention if your interested in
glaze textures. And be sure to check out his paperclay section.
Changed my way of working.

Angela Davis

In Homosassa where we had rain at last, I could actually hear the grass
drinking it up.

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> The webistes below did not give of references to textural
> glazes????:Did I
> miss something?
> On 4/5/07 you wrote ....
>>Greetings.... i have been looking through all my glaze books looking
>>for a low fire texture glaze formula....
> Talc and magnesium Carb in large percentages cause beading and crawling.
> So do other materials too.......
> Have a look at the two sites below....there is quite a lot of
> reference to glaze texture..... and examples too.........
> Brian
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