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glaze test for 1911 purple/blue cone 6, redux.

updated thu 3 may 07


Alisa Clausen on wed 2 may 07

Glaze test for 1911 Purple/Blue, Cone 6, Redux.

Source: Ceramic Arts Buyer's Guide, 2007
Credited to: Pat Horsley

Fired on mid fire white stoneware

Firing ramp with an electric controller is:
100c p/h to 600c (212f - 1112f)
150c p/h to 1140c (302f - 2084f)
80c p/h to 1220c (176f - 2228f)
15 min. soak
cool down max. to 900c (1652f)
Hold 30 minutes

Shut off kiln

Colorants or additives to a 100 gram batch are measured in percent to the
100 gram batch.

Amount Ingredient
40 Barium Carbonate
40 Feldspar--Custer
2 Ball Clay--C & C
18 Kaolin--EPK

100 Total

6 Copper Carbonate

Unity Oxide
.073 Na2O
.162 K2O
.002 MgO
.01 CaO
.752 BaO
1.000 Total

.515 Al2O3
.005 Fe2O3

2.298 SiO2
.004 TiO2
.001 P2O5

4.5 Ratio
9.2 Exp
Semi mat, opaque, smooth dark blue to turquoise glaze. Darkest purple-blue
where thickest and aqua and turquoise where thinner around edges and high
areas on test tile.

Best regards from Alisa in Denmark