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pottery classes in seattle

updated sat 5 may 07


Richard Mahaffey on mon 30 apr 07


A few days ago someone asked about classes in Seattle and I thought I
would post this to the list since I can not remember who wanted the

I just was at Pottery Northwest in Seattle and I recommend classes
there. My students and I were part of a soda firing over the weekend.
I talked to many people there, all were friendly to this group of
strangers who appeared in their midst. I saw many students tools
sitting in buckets in the open. This speaks well of the community
atmosphere there - you can leave your tools in the open and know that
the tools will all be there when you return.

There is a wide variety of work being done there and much of it is of
very high quality. I would recommend taking any class that Matt Allison
teaches. He is an excellent teacher and he really is interested in the
success of his students.

I saw many of the residents and students talking about different facet
of working with clay and I sensed an open and sharing atmosphere. I
would recommend PNW to anyone in Seattle wanting to take a clay class.

I teach at Tacoma Community College, about 35 miles down the road and I
was pleasantly surprised by PNW.


Kristina Chadwick on fri 4 may 07

I didn't see the original post, so I don't know exactly where you are in
Seattle, but if you are in the Eastside, the Kirkland Arts Center is very
nice. It's been a while since I've lived there (2000-2001), but I took
classes there and was very happy with the Center. They had low-fire, Cone
10 high fire and usually did a raku per session. They even had a special
pit fire class which was really fun.

Good Luck.