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mexican master potters presenting in us

updated thu 3 may 07


Eric Mindling on tue 1 may 07

May 4-13th four master tradtional potters will be doing presentations in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Showcased will be pre-Colombian hand forming, polychrome slip and brunish and detailed decorative sculptural work. For more information on the potters and the venues go to and click on "special event" on the top right of the home page.


Traditions Mexico Hands On Tours
Oaxaca, Mexico

Janet Moe on wed 2 may 07

Are there any clayarters planning to attend the
workshop/presentation in Vancouver on May 9? I am
thinking about it and would be coming from Vancouver
Island through Horseshoe Bay. I would be interested in
sharing rides/accommodation or need a bed in Vancouver
for the night.

I attended one of Eric's workshops in Oaxaca about 7
years ago. It was a wonderful experience and I would
love to see Alberta and Macrena once more!

Janet Moe, on sunny Vancouver Island

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