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wally`s workshop

updated fri 27 apr 07


lela martens on thu 26 apr 07

Last weekend my travel partner, Louise and I went the two and a half hours
to Calgary for the Wally Asselbourghs naked raku workshop at Mount Pleasant
Art Centre.
It was snowing the Friday evening of introduction. Wally`s iniciation was
giving us renewed enthusiasm for the next two days.

Meeting Wally was kind of eery because he looks so much like my bud, Ole on
the west
coast of Denmark who recreates the ancient black pots for museums. They
walk the same,
have the same quiet, kind way of being. I couldn`t help but wonder if they
twins separated at birth..

Wally put his all into the project. He worked non-stop.The result being many
very happy participants with
beautiful, unique pieces to take home as treasures.
He was happy too. It was a good group of learners, but much is owed to the
the administrator and the fabulous facilities at the art centre. They
couldn`t have been more helpful. Just wonderful!

The weather changed to cool but no more snow on Saturday. Sunny Sunday.
Every potter in the area should take a tour through to see just how perfect
a facility for clay workers can be.

So, thanks again Wally! I hope you made it to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
and saw the un-commercial beauty of the Rockies.

Best wishes all from Lela who is going to an exhibit opening this evening
Mountain Man and some good friends are showing work in ` Looking Back`,
history of the area.

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