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please help with conference presentation (new work too)

updated thu 26 apr 07


Elizabeth Priddy on wed 25 apr 07

Hey everybody!

I have just finished a new cohesive batch of work.

I am interestede in a crit of the painting, or the work as a whole,
or the individual bits, but especially as it pertains to the upcoming
session of the conference. I can take heat and kind of like it, so
feel free to be critical, constructive if possible.

To make this super easy, I put it in Flikr where you can
browse the photos and comment there.

I will leave the whole thing open to the public and would
certainly love to hear from you here.

Shy lurker types can write me offline.

I am getting ready for the Natural Instincts Conference coming in
June and I would especially like to know what style of the paintings
available are what folks who are coming would like to learn about.

Questions about how it is done would really help me prepare a
good presentation that is directed to the correct level.
And regular potters is the level I am seeking.

So please let me know what type of questions I need to be ready for.
And what type of work is the most interesting for you as it relates
to creating your work.

Nothing is too basic to ask, and nothing is too hard to present.
And you certainly don't have to be coming for the conference to offer your
opinions and insight.

The workshop is hands on, the work is cone 7 stoneware electric.



Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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