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anti-intellectualism - now: gulliver's travels,

updated thu 26 apr 07


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 25 apr 07

and sidelights on the otherwise obligatory paralax of the diorama...

Hi Lee,



Such sillyness...!

But yet earnest!


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From: "Lee Love"

> Yeah. Some folks can't bear a Gulliver in their midsts.

"Gulliver"? Like 'Gulliver's Travels'? Like Clockwork Orange 'Gullivers'?

Well, it depends...

...midsts or mits?

I think you mean you are worried sometimes that they can't bear your
wangleing your Gulliver in your

But, really? everyone seems to bear it
well enough, and with tolerance, understanding even, compassion...especially
since there
is no live-cam.

> Imagine tying Einstein down with a spool of thread...

...if one unwind the 'thread' FROM the 'spool' is possible, sure...

"String Theory"...of sorts...

40 lb 'monofilliment' would work too, just know, a little tribute
to 'Caruthers' say...

...personally? I'd opt for that one...and, for having 'Oppie' do it...not
too tight, not to be mean or anything, just 'tight' enough for him to get

...then Teller's turn to be tied...real tight for him...and so on...till all
those bastards are tied up good, real good...then 'Oppie-the-tier' last of
all. I guess Gen'l Groves could do him, then who knows...

...uhhhh, oh! I know, James Forrestall could be brought in to do 'him' then!

...but in THIS
scenario, he ( J.F.) gets to walk away instead of being beaten and thrown
from a high window...AND gets to tell his tale...after a nice rest and some
well deserved R-&-R and some good nutrition and some real medical care if
needed, and getting to be around nice people for a change, of course...then
he can ( 'finally' ) publish his voluminous 'notes' and so on, do the
on 'Oprah'...wave from a 'Float' in a Parade...

All these tied up bastards then, get untied, lined up, marched in formation,
and have to wear standard, WWII issue HBT Summerweight Overalls ( with the
little 'Stars' on the flat-black Steel Buttons, and Standard issue Cap-Toe
high ankle Lace Up "Brown" Army Boots, and reprocessed-wool socks and
underwear that got washed in really HOT water by mistake, ) and stencilled
big on their backs, in White, it says "RE-WP", meaning, in this case,
"Re-Education---Work-Pennance"...and they get to clean up 'Hanford'...

...and once done with that, there are about fourteen thousand other
'sites' a-waitin' for 'em...after they are done with the lower-48, then
Christmas Island, Johnson Island, Anewatek Atoll, and on and on and on...

...they get room-and-board too of course: Surplus WWII rations, and ditto of
low, really 'low' Pup-Tents, for the duration. The International Red Cross
can come check up on 'em as they see fit, to make sure things are 'humane'.
They can write letters 'home', which Censors will cut out most of for no
special reasons, then rubber stamp in pale
blue, "Approved - No. 5"...but no return adresses of course on those
envelopes...'tisk-tisk!'...only an "in care of"...

Gen. Geo. Patton and his hand picked 'Peacetime' spit-and-polish Soldiers,
in uniforms of his design, get to manage these guys at their tasks if he
likes...Bayonettes for the enlisted men's Rifles of course...but too, if one
of them balks or gets cheeky or tries to run off, he or any one on Guard
duty gets to shoot 'em if he feels like it, at his discretion...or, to use
the Bayonette, as may be.

Roosevelt, Trueman, Ike, ( and a few thousand others, ) get tied tight, real
tight, to the 'bone' tight...then somehow, by accident, or administrative
oversight, get left somewhere sweaty-warm and damp and full of migrating,
ravenous, Itch-Mites...regular old fashioned 'Chiggers' would do just
fine...then after five or six days or so of that, or just before they get
into any irrremediable renal failure anyway, they get to join the
others...and Work...( Ike gets to get out sooner, say, after a day or so, in
regard for his 'Farewell Speech' and all, and gets one glass of nice
Lemonaide, but thats it, )
Roosevelt gets a little complimentary Can of 'Oil', taken from the Hanford
Transformers, for his Braces.

> Einstein changed the world we live in.

How did he 'change the world we live in'?

Do tell...?

I mean it...tell me...

Spell it out...

> As Huston Smith
> writes in "Why Religion Matters" the real scientific innovations all
> occurred before the 1950s.

Nice of Mr. Smith to tell us why religion matters.

...did he go to Washington, too?

Does his wife make them ( not too bad really, ) Store-bought 'Apple Pies'
you gotta thaw out to bake? with the little butter-sugar crumbs on top?



Kept it short, yes?


> Lee in Mashiko, Japan
> Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

; )

- you know, the 'wink-happy-face-thing'...

...unless it's a tear...

And how can one tell?

l v