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potters council shipping discount

updated wed 25 apr 07


Marcia Selsor on tue 24 apr 07

I am just back from the Cleveland workshop and got a call from Ron at
Reddaway re: my Potters Council Discount shipping inquiry.
Here is the good news. We can get a 65% discount on shipping clay to
our studios or for pieces going out (freight size) through Potters
council membership.
He said it is ok to give out his number, so here it is. Identify
yourself as a PC member with your ID number.
Ron is at Reddaway but he will also use local or regional shippers if
that is better.
His number is 1-800 636 2377 ext. 1436
65% is a great deal for me since i'd be shipping from Austin or Baton
Rouge or maybe even Seattle.

Marcia Selsor