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outdoor pottery urn fountain

updated thu 26 apr 07


Dawn Raburn on tue 24 apr 07

I have been asked to do an outdoor urn shaped fountain. The customer
saw one at San Juan Capistrano but did not get pictures. Anyone got
any info on anything like that? I also researched the archives to
get info on outdoor fountain basics. Am I right to assume that the
clay needs to be well vitrified and glazed? Does it need to be
turned off and drained in freezing weather? The customer wants it to
be 3' high. Not sure I want to tackle this so any input would be
appreciated. I am not worried about the pump info because my bro-in-
law does magnificent water features in Portland and I imagine he can
advise me on that.


Lee Love on wed 25 apr 07


I have seen fountains in Mashiko of different types. Can your
customer draw you a drawing? There is a design, where a closed of
jar sits on a platter. The top has an indention like a bowl or a
dish, with the water jet coming up through the middle of the dish.
This fills the dis and the water over flows and runs down the sides of
the jar into the platter, where it is pumped back to the top.
Lee in Mashiko, Japan
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

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