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fw: holy flashback! olson book

updated wed 25 apr 07


Donna J.S. Causland on tue 24 apr 07

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From: "Donna J.S. Causland"
To: "Fred Yokel"
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: Holy flashback! Olson book

> Hi Fred:
> I was there in 76 and went back 2 more summers for the reunion firings.
> I've seen Rimas, Kurt, and Tom at NCECA's over the years.
> Ah yes, swimming in the slip lake, there's a story. I, too, was a
> youngin'
> and new to the earthy ways of the freespirited in CA. It was definitely
> a life altering experience for me and I've stuck with clay ever since.
> Very happy memories.
> Would love to hear if any other clayarters went.
> Here's my email, send me yours, Fred.
> Donna Causland