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holy flashback! olson book

updated tue 24 apr 07


primalmommy on mon 23 apr 07

Starting on p. 28 of Olson's kiln book (my current bedtime read) are
photos of some handsome, shirtless and thoroughly groovy guys in
California building a kiln out of raw clay handmade bricks. I am
guessing by the headbands and hair that this is not a recent photo.

According to the text, this project was the brainchild of Richard
Hotchkiss (!) and Rimas Visgirda. While the kiln itself is quite
appealing (and looks like a bigger version of my woodfired bread oven) I
am intrigued by the photos. Were any of you actually there? And are
Richard or Rimas any of the guys in these pix?

Yours, Kelly in Ohio
born a decade too late

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Donna J.S. Causland on mon 23 apr 07

Hi Kelly:
I don't have the book, so would have to see the picture,
but it sounds like the Earth, Air, Fire and Water workshops
in Grass Valley, CA. That was back in the 70's. In addition to Dick and
Kurt Mangus and Eva Kwong were there (when they were newlyweds),
also Tom Orr (liason for Portland NCECA).
That was the most incredible clay experience of my life.
There was a 2 week salt workshop followed by a month long wood firing
workshop. I remember it was only around 300 bucks for the month.
We dug wild clay, processed it with our feet, cut fallen cedar trees from
the Nat'l forest
into 1" x 1" x 12" sticks to fire a 6 chamber climbing kiln, threw on
wheels in the woods by a stream.
Yes, they were all handsome. And shirtless only describes half of it!
The 70's were very goood........hmmmmmm.
I'd love to hear if anyone else on the list went.
It went on for a couple years then we had reunion firings (just a long
for several years after it.
Thanks for the reminder, I think I still have some slides.
Donna Causland