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architectural ceramics conference, cleveland report

updated mon 23 apr 07


stephani stephenson on sun 22 apr 07

WARNING: syrupy good stuff follows!!!
Just squeezing in a stolen email moment here but
wanted to tell you all what a fabulous reception we
are getting here in Cleveland at the Potter's Council
Architectural Ceramics conference.
Lynne Norwood Lofton of Terra vista Studios and Mark
Yaz of the Artcraft Building have been the most
amazing ,gracious, generous hosts. in fact all the
artists i have met from these two studios (think large
spacious brick buildings with lots of space and
smiling creative, dynamic folks doing good work!!!)
and the Artists Greg Aliberti (forgive mispellings
pleeeze) , Freeland Southard and Angelica Pozo , who
hail from other Cleveland studios... all have
wonderful work, and have been inspiring and great
folks to meet
..Cleveland also welcomed us with sunny warm days, its
best foot forward!.
Marcia and I have been staying with Lynne and her
husband Matt and they have been so generous and really
proud, as they should be, of their hometown ,
cleveland, and the art scene here.
as Usual an incradible group of attendees, many or
most quite proficient in their craft, eager to learn
and share what they know too.Bill Jones and Carolyn
Door a great presence here...a good mix all the way
around and littl bits of knowledge and exprerience
popping like fresh popcorn....woo hoo.
gotta hoof it back to the building now!
Thank you hosts, for making the out of towners feel
warmly welcomed

Stephani Stephenson

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