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surfing with helen bates - april 20, 2007 - usa sites

updated sun 22 apr 07


Helen Bates on sat 21 apr 07

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 20, 2007 - USA sites

Hi All,

Surfing recently brought me to...

Kathy Whitley (Pink Hill, NC, USA)
(Gas-fired functional pottery with carving, etching, painting, or piercing)

Rinny Ryan (Little Deer Isle, ME, USA)
(Ash glazed functional Stoneware gas fired with wood containing the
remnants of iron nails)

Paul Anthony (Anthony Stoneware - Solstitium) (Burnsville, NC, USA)
(Wholesale and Retail functional high fired stoneware) (good menu system)

Rob Grimes (Tested By Fire Pottery) (San Antonio, TX, USA)
(Production Stoneware for home and church)

Hanna Lore Hombordy (Ventura, CA, USA)
(Member, Ventura County Potters Guild)
(Slab built sculptural container: "End of the Rainbow in clay,
underglaze and glaze, fired with nails)
(Go to Pg. 4 for "Green House, in clay assembled with nails,
underglazes, acrylic paint) (PDF)
(Article: "Fantasy Creatures", Pottery Making Illustrated, July Issue,
(Article: "Building with Nails", Pottery Making Illustrated,
March/April Issue, 2001)

Li-jung Chen (San Diego, CA, USA)
> Li's pots often are thrown and altered, with added on appendages
> and/or handcarving. She likes to enrich surface texture using
> rolled on or stamped pattern, carving, or forcing a wet leather
> hard pot from the inside outward to create cracking. She also
> experiments with glazes. Li does raku, sagar firing but the
> majority of her pots are fired to cone 10 in gas or electric kilns.
(Chen Li-jung and her husband Lloyd Chen are both prolific potters,
especially Lloyd, and both do amazing [and quite different] work.) (I
don't think I've had that breathless feeling before from saggar-fired
ware that I just got looking at some of Lloyd's vases.)

Bill Gossman (Gossman Pottery) (New London, MN, USA)
(Once fired functional pottery, mostly wheel-thrown, and fired in a wood
fueled, kiln he built himself)
(Throwing demo slides showing Bill using an inverted sawblade to finish
the shoulder/neck interface of a large vase)

Al Qoyawayma (Prescott, AZ , USA)
(Interesting triangular forms in many of his contemporary Hopi pots)

Anon... Helen
Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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