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cone 6 shino looking glazes

updated sat 21 apr 07


Randy McCall on thu 19 apr 07

I have tried a number of the commerical shinos at cone 6 and none can
compare with nutmeg when you use it by itself. Some look ok if you layer
two or three other glazes with them or use them with nutmeg to give
different color shades. Also spraying on some of Bailey's Red in places
gives a nice effect.

South Carolina
Pottery Web site

bluefirepottery on thu 19 apr 07

Hi all: this is a question for all of the glaze experts on the list. =
I understand what makes a shino glaze. What I'm curious about is all of =
these cone 6 oxidation shino looking glazes being sold. What category =
of glaze is that and what causes the breaks in color to make it go from =
a fat off-white to a rust? Also how are they getting color in these =
glazes. I assume that with a true shino, iron compounds are about the =
only useful colorant unless I am greatly mistaken. Can anyone elaborate =
on these glazes? I've checked the archives and didn't see any =
explanations just a few recipes. Any discussion on the differences =
would be fascinating.
Debra in Virginia where it is a gray, dreary day.

Debra Cobbeldick
Blue Fire Pottery